Saturday, May 06, 2006

while i'm waiting for a kiss (una piccola carezza)

softer than silk and as warm as warm milk
light as air and able to fly
blossom's nobless while they're waiting for a kiss
Pannonica My Butterfly

flattering one fair and bright as the sun
light as wind embracing the sky
colourful wings, soft and gaily painted thing
Pannonica My Butterfly

like the lovely flower I wait for hours
just to feel the touch, the touch that I love so much
one day she'll flatter by
I'll hold out my hand and capture my butterfly

delicate thing such as butterfly wings
poet can't describe though they try
love plays the tune when she steps from her cocoon
Pannonica my lovely, lovely little Butterfly

lyrics on "Pannonica" by THMonk.thanx Mr. Jon Hendricks

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